The Windmill Estate Residents' Association  was formed in October 1959 with the aim of representing and safeguarding the interests of residents and  promoting friendship amongst neighbours. We are non-political and the largest and most active residents association in the area.


We raise issues on behalf of residents with the officers and councillors of Broxbourne Borough, Hertfordshire County Council and the Hertfordshire Police Service. We have representation on a number of public involvement forums, including Police, Health and Neighbourhood Watch. We do not always find a complete solution to all problems but we can say  in many cases we have achieved a satisfactory result.


In spring we hold our Annual General Meeting when the officers and committee are elected. The committee meets monthly and members are kept informed of current activities and future events by means of monthly newsletters as well as this website.


The roads that form the Windmill Estate in Cheshunt are shown in red.

Roads in WERA
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